Velamma Episode 77 – Booze & Boobs

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Velamma comics lovers in this episode of Velamma Episode 77 we can see tagline booze and boobs. So we can expect that that this is going to be very naught episode. You can see that velamma is enjoying with the policeman.

Well now the big question is how she got stuck again in this scenario. As from the recent updates both the velamma and the ramesh are returning back after the vacations. But they take lots of liquor. Now to avoid the highway patrolling Velamma decide to take the bus. But in the bus policeman caught her and now to avoid the jail look like velamma need to be get fucked with him also.

Velamma Episode 77 – Booze & Boobs

On their way back from vacation, Ramesh stuffs lots of alcohol into Vela’s bag as their state has gone dry. During the journey, she boards a bus to avoid the highway patrols but as the journey progresses, she must ensure that she does not end up in jail.

Velamma Episode 77 - Booze & Boobs