Savita Bhabhi Episode #153 – Lessons In Lovemaking

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One night at closing time, Savita gets a surprise customer at the restaurant: Ashok’s nephew Aakesh, whom Savita hasn’t seen since before puberty! But Aakesh is all grown now, and he’s brought his new girlfriend Dhriti. Unfortunately, Savita witnesses the young couple get into an argument during their meal. Aakesh confides the reason to his auntie: Aakesh isn’t very good at sex! So he asks Savita for a few pointers about women. Savita is more than eager to help Aakesh unlock the secrets of relationships. But Aakesh wants more specific lessons in the how-to’s of getting it on! Share the sex seminar Savita gives Aakesh in this hot new episode of Savita Bhabhi.