Velamma Episode 114 – Garden of Earthly Delights

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Velamma plants a vegetable garden this summer to encourage Ramesh and herself to eat healthier in this episode 114 of Velamma comics. So she buys a homemade fertilizer blend recommended by a gardener working at her local plant nursery to nourish her crop. And boy does that plant food work, producing the largest, most beautiful vegetables to ever sprout up from the soil! A return trip to the nursery is greeted by the tragic news that they are sold out of the mysterious mulch; Velamma’s vegetables wilt from malnourishment in the meantime. When she begs the nursery gardener to please mix her up another batch of the magic dirt, he makes her an offer: Velamma must use her sexy measurements to help him manufacture the secret sauce that gives his fertilizer its kick.

Velamma Episode 114 - Garden of Earthly Delights