Savita Bhabhi Videos Episode 12 – Miss India (Part 2)

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Finally, day has arrived when Savita is going to participate in a beauty contest for married women. After getting Judge Jeet Kumar in her favour, she is very confident that she will win. But is Jeet Kumar’s favour enough to win competition? Savita decides that she must try to get more judges on her side… by ass or by pussy. Jeet Kumar arranges her to meet chief guest of competition, upcoming model and businessman Rakesh Dhyanchand.

Ever since Rakesh laid eyes on Savita, he can’t get her out of his mind. Savita knows if she gets Rakesh’s vote, no one can stop her winning. But she isn’t earning that vote that easy as Rakesh is making Savita jump all the hoops before he fucks her. Final part of Miss India, episode 12 video.