Velamma Episode 96 – That’s What Friends Are For

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Guys, we know that this episode is shorter than usual, that’s why we have made 5 extra pinups which can be found at the end of the episode. They were made by the other illustrator as an apology for you. We hope you like them and we promise that the next episode will be long as usual.

Velamma gets her wish: her son Vijay finally ties the knot with that slut Tanika. Then why is she so unhappy at the wedding? Because after all the hard work (and sex!) she put into making the union happen, Velamma feels like she’s losing her individual personhood after prioritizing being a mother and a wife in this episode 96. Luckily, her friends recognize Velamma’s existential crisis at the reception, so they help her sneak out of the party and reclaim her identity as a bangin’ bhabhi!

Velamma Episode 96 – That’s What Friends Are For

Velamma Episode 96 - That's What Friends Are For