Velamma Dreams Episode 16 – Just One of the Boys

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Surprisingly horny all day for no good reason at all, Velamma returns home eager for Ramesh to fuck her with the good dick. But her typically horn-dog husband won’t give up any cock! What’s that all about? Then, when they go out for dinner and Velamma flirts at the bar to make Ramesh jealous, she’s forced to reckon with another observation: all the guys she encounters are scared of sex, demur and fickle and the direct opposite of how every man has ever behaved before! And she’s not the only one. Both Shriya and Veronica have noticed the gender role-reversal, where women are always horny and hungry for sex, while the men in their lives make excuses and prefer to “cuddle”! Read the new issue of Velamma Dreams to find out how a lady makes do in a dickless world.

Velamma Dreams Episode 16 - Just One of the Boys