Savita Bhabhi Video Episode 25 – The Uncle’s Visit

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Ashok’s uncle, Kunal decides to visit Patel couple. Does that mean Savita’s sexy escapades with Shobha, Tarun and Varun are going to stop? Savita remembers the time when Kunal uncle first visited her some 3 years ago. Savita had just cheated first time on Ashok. During one lazy afternoon, Kunal uncle decides to take a nap and Savita thinking she is alone, is overcome by her lust she had for Rohit and starts masturbating, even saying his name out loud!

Meanwhile Kunal is awake again and sees his daughter-in-law in process of cumming hard on her own fingers while calling out Rohit’s name! Now this could have gone really bad for Savi but it turns out that old uncle is a proper pervert. How will he take care of this situation? Is he going to tell Ashok about this? How can he make sure that Savita doesn’t strays again? To find answers, enjoy this video of Savita Bhabhi Episode 25.

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