Savita Bhabhi Video Episode 24 – The Mystery of TWO

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In last episode we saw that Tarun catches his brother Varun coming out of Savita’s house. He questions him about it, but what happened next?

We see that Shobha and Varun are having sex in college like crazed rabbits ever since Savita Bhabhi initiated their sexual relationship. Shobha is never to say no to a good fucking or a tasty dose of cum down her throat but soon she starts noticing things about Varun that doesn’t sits well with her. She goes to Savita to discuss her feeling and Savita too is shocked to learn that Varun has managed to be at two places at same time!

What is happening here? Savita vows to find out what new game these twin brothers are now playing with poor innocent Shobha now. Watch Savita Bhabhi episode 24 video to find out result of this mystery.


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