Savita Bhabhi Episode 115 – Homecumming

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Savita Bhabhi is coming back home from Govinda in episode 115 ‘Homecumming’. She decids to stay with Ashok even though he is not the best lover. Read episode 115 now!

Savita figured out that Govinda wasn’t the man for her in episode 114. So Savita returns home in this episode 115 and reconciles with Ashok. She understands that a lot of bridges need to be mended between her and her husband before she can be the faithful wife she wants to be. But she also realizes Ashok may never be a lover who can satisfy all her sexual needs. So Savita heads to an ashram for spiritual healing. And this retreat proves to be the perfect solution. As the hands-on guru there reaches Savita in ways that enable her to discover her true path forward.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 115 - Homecumming