Savita Bhabhi Episode 110 – The Private Detective

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Even though Savita and Ashok have recently been getting along–and shagging–like a pair of newlyweds, as seen explicitly in episode 109, not all is well in paradise. Our bhabhi still can’t get her head around the sketch pad of XXX drawings that she found hidden in Ashok’s office: Shobha’s canvas for the hardcore fantasies that she and Savita’s husband have turned into web comics, and which have spilled over into reality and an affair. So, Savita hires a private investigator (P.I.) to find out once and for all what’s made her husband so insatiably amorous lately. But what will she do with the evidence the detective uncovers? Find out in Savita Bhabhi episode 110!

Savita Bhabhi Episode 110 - The Private Detective