Saath Kahaniya Episode 10 – The Game

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When she goes to the shop to pick up the costume that’s already been reserved, she discovers they’ve mistakenly selected a man’s mask. But that’s only the beginning of insane evening in store for Delisha. The first thing she sees at the party is a bizarre sex ritual led by a masked man in a red cloak. And it only gets weirder! As she makes her way through the mansion, Delisha realizes that the party is actually an orgy. Her instructions from the game master were not specific, so Delisha has but one option, role up her sleeves and get her hands dirty until she can figure out why she’s there. The only problem? She’s been warned that her life is in danger, and the mysterious man in the red cloak has every intention of following through on that threat!!!

Find out what happens when Delisha makes the mistake of trying to be the life of this kinky costume party in the new Saath Kahaniya episode “The Game.”

Saath Kahaniya Episode 10 – The Game

Saath Kahaniya Episode 10 - The Game